XF 1.2 Find and record every outbound link to a particular domain


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So one of the sites that we link to very frequently is re-doing their entire world-wide websites (including continent-specific content) and they've asked me for a list of all outbound links from my site to theirs.

Their new system is radically different and they are going to hard code 301 redirects to make sure that none of the old links are broken. (their new URL system is too different to do it programatically, that's already been explored and rejected)

So, my question is, how can I export a list of all outbound links from xenforo to a particular domain? Can I just run a SQL query on a particular table and store the results in a table, filtering for uniqueness? Or is there a better way to get this info?


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The only ways to identify the posts with links are using the built in search or directly querying the xf_post table in the database.


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thanks for the correct table name. I guess I'll have to figure out the regex for the query. find all links that have domainx.com in it and store the whole link in a table.


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Still haven't been able to figure out a proper regex for this:

I want to create a table to save the results.
CREATE TABLE temp_Link_Results
  Links TEXT,

INSERT INTO temp_Link_Results (Links)
SELECT message
FROM xf_post
Where = ____________________________
I am Trying this regex against the following message to see if I can pull out the full URL with a particular domain as it's root.
But this regex doesn't seem to work against the following example
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