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XF 1.5 Find All Threads by {user} - Now showing all threads.


Well-known member
Hello, On my forum,

When someone goes to someone's profile, or i visit my own profile, and click on:

Find All Threads by {user}

It only shows 1 or 2 threads, But really the user has a lot of threads. more than 10 or 20

Is there a setting somewhere that is creating a limit on this?


Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
I recommend confirming the issue with all add-ons disabled, as an initial step.

Then, confirm whether you can actually search for specific posts from that user (that don't appear in the "Find all content by {user}" page). If this also shows no results, it's possible that you may need to rebuild the search index.


Well-known member
I disabled all add-ons. And it worked fine.

Afterwards i enabled only the: Xenforo Enchanced Search, and the problem came back.

So the problem is with the: Xenforo Enchanced Search add-on.

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
Was Enhanced Search a recent addition to the forum? Did you rebuild the search index after installing it? Did you change any settings where a rebuild of the search index might be required?


Well-known member
It worked!!

I've had XF-ES for a year now. I rebuilt it right after i first installed it but that was last year.

I've installed many add-ons since then and also disabled it and enabled the ES.
actually now that i think about it, maybe after it crashed i forgot to rebuild it,

i will remember this for next time,

but after rebuilt, its working

tank you sirs!!