final XF version ?


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As the developers have stated numerous times, they are unable to give a date or timeline as that raises expectations, results in disappointed customers when the date isn't met and puts undue pressure on them to get the product released before it is ready.


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Well until last weekend I was saying next year, so how about this year ;)

We've all seen how quick it has gone from Alpha to Beta5 so I don't imagine it will be too long.


It should last as long as it just needs. Well, not till we gather dust but nobody wants a 2nd vb4 (if its allowed to write this)


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We have decided to add a little more functionality that we consider is missing, but until we made that decision, we were aiming for the next version to be a Release Candidate. Therefore I would not expect a very long wait before we declare a stable version.


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fine, take your time.
I was just wondering whether I should upgrade from my Beta5 towards Beta5 or whether I should wait for the stable release. This is where my question was coming from.
I just upgraded to Beta5 and it works like a charme


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As each new (Beta) release comes with increased functionality and bug fixes, it's recommended to upgrade as soon as possible, rather than remaining on previous versions for extended periods.