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Hi everybody

I heard about XenForo only recently and it looks very promissing to me. I run a young investor community which is still growing.
One topic usually corresponds to one stock. Since there are very popular and also rather less popular stocks, the topics can vary massively in size.

For newcomers, it is sometimes very time-consuming to sift through all the contributions to a stock in order to be up to date. I am therefore looking for a feature that allows either the users or the moderators (or both) to mark individual posts as particularly worth reading (e.g. a very good research, whereas commenting on the current share price in retrospect offers little added value).

In this way, one could filter all posts according to those that are particularly worth reading. Is there a way to do this out of the box? Or can this only be achieved via additional addons (I found two, but they do not fit 100% in my opinion).

I think that this function (especially for newbies) would offer a huge added value.

Thanks and many greetings

Addons I found:

(does not look like it could be topic-dependent but more like searching the whole board which ist not what I am looking for)

(looks like it would consider every reaction but not a certain one. Furthermore, the post with most reactions will be at the top whereas in my case it would make totally sense to leave the orginal order)