Lack of interest Filter Forum by thread-author


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currently we have this nice filter for each Forum (orange-colored bar) which lets you filter Forum-threads by "Title" or by "Most Views", etc.

Now I would like to see in a specific Forum, how many threads in that specific Forum have been started by myself by just clicking on a filter within this orange-colored-bar.
Like for example, I would like to see in the "Resource and Add-on Requests-Forum" which and how many threads I have created myself in that specific Forum.

Please add this functionality to the orange-colored-bar for filtering.

Many thanks!



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You can do this already using the search bar and just putting in a username.


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I just recognized that it might be difficult or not possible to create this filter at the "orange-colored-bar".

Probably just add "Filtering by username" (thread starter) at the hidden dropdown which says "Thread Display Options".