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XF 1.4 File Upload Dialog Is Not Retina Quality (Firefox 32 + OSX 10.9)


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About this: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1020927

Flash version:
Firefox: 32.0.2
OSX 10.9.4

When Flash plugin is enabled in the browser, the File Upload dialog's title is "Select File(s) to Upload".

It's blurry on MacBook Pro Retina.

This happens on XenForo forums, Imgur, etc.

However, on Facebook the File Upload dialog's title is "File Upload", and is crisp and clearly retina quality.

The above conditions when Flash plugin is enabled.

But when I disable the Flash plugin, the File Upload dialog on XenForo forums and Imgur becomes crisp, full retina quality, and the title of the dialog changes to "File Upload".


Can someone else reproduce the above?

Why does it happen, and why is Facebook's File Upload dialog retina quality (does Facebook not use Flash dialog?) while XenForo forums' and Imgur's are not (while Flash is enabled)?

Can I somehow make the XenForo file upload dialog retina quality even when I have Flash enabled, similarly how Facebook's is?

Sorry if this sounds confusing... But thanks for trying to help!