XF 2.2 File health check failed just after installation


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I tried now for several times to install a xf 2.2.

Two different servers, three downloads from xenforo, multiple times unziped the archiv.

But i get always the same error message:
Bildschirmfoto 2020-10-10 um 12.51.38.png

It is always the same error, always the complete folder "src/vendor/symfony/polyfill-iconv/Resources/charset/" where the files should be corrupted.

There are no add ons, no changes in files or else, this picture is the last try, just made health check after installation.

Now i´m out of ideas, what the problem can be.


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Try a different FTP application.

If you have SSH or cPanel, upload the zip archive and extract the files directly on the server.