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I love the forum so far, but heres a few things I'd love to see added/changed:

Ignore/Filter System
One thing I've noticed that is currently lacking (In the form of user ignore) currently, and that most forums do not extend more then the basic concept, is the ignore function.

  • Users: Rather then just ignore their posts, PM's and such, I'd like to see them completely ignored. More then once, I've been on a forum where there was a person that I could barely stand would aggravate me.
  • Forums/Categories: The ability to completely hide forums or categories, and filter out any threads or posts in them. I often don't read introduction forums, or site showcases, and I rather not have to sift through them when I use the "What's New?" link.
  • Threads/Posts: Ability to ignore certain threads and posts. This is more because I rarely participate in forum games where yous say something about the previous poster.

I've noticed that so far there is no calendar (Not positive whether or not there is one in development or not?), and I find the calendar pretty useful, but not as useful as it could be.

  • Search: I've had to install a modification on vBulletin to get this feature, and I really think it should be there by default.
  • Recurring Event Exceptions: I often have recurring events, but fairly often we'll cancel one on a specific day or month, and it can be confusing for members. Possibly making it so that a certain date can be ignored as an exception to the recurring event.
Profile Contacts
Would it be possible to convert contacts (AIM/MSN/Yahoo/Twitter) to their link format, so that there is no need to copy/paste?

Forum Descriptions
Is it possible to make this a user-end option? With a lot of forums I go to, the administrators think vague names equate originality, not realizing that it often takes more time for users to get use to their forums. Hiding the description as a mouseover would make this drastically worse, and giving them the ability to decide would possibly make this easier.

Category Collapse
I often collapse categories I don't find interesting, so that I have less scrolling to do.

Forum-wide RSS Feed
Noticed that one was lacking (From my address bar anyways, there might be one, I just haven't looked for one yet), and I tend to use that on sites I'm more active at.

Default Post Styling
This can easily be done by mods I know, but more often then not I've seen it added, and it would be much cleaner if it were a feature, rather then a mod (That is often just a hackjob).

Those are all of the ones that I can think of now.


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I definitly agree with the filtering of 'whats new'. We used to implement a job section, which was basically an RSS fed forum. We dropped it because it used to annoy the 'whats new' gang. The ability to ignore threads is quite an interesting concept too :)


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On the subject of the calendar... it could quite easily be used by many forum owners as an events guide / listing area and the ability for discussions and ratings would be a huge plus.


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There was a filtering mod for vB3 that I used, but it was barely usable (Was broken about 99% of the time), which is where I'm basing that feature off of.

The other ones are just things that I'd like to see, but could easily be done with mods, but the less work required for forum owners is always a plus, hey?

EDIT: Yeah, the calendar is so underplayed for forums, its depressing. One of my current projects is based around media, and we often have a weekly-monthly release schedule, which is why I'm interested in it being added. Its also why I'm interested in the exception option, though I can always deal with it if it weren't.

EDIT: Added another feature that I had forgotten about.


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I second the default post styling also. On most forums this is a commonly requested feature among regular members.
I'd love to see a collapse feature be added. I think it should be added to the categories and the boxes on the right.