Feeder limited to 5 items?



Firstly apologies if this has been posted before. I did run a search but couldn’t find anything specific to this.

I’ve purchased 5 new licences for Xenforo in anticipation of launching some new sites (loving it). As part of these sites we pull eBay information from their RSS feeds and import the data in an “eBay forum”.

On our vBulletin board, the RSS feed will import everything that is new which is sometimes 30 or 40 items for the category we use every hour or so. However the exact same feed when imported into Xenforo will only pull 5 items. I’ve tried other feeds too and again, it will only ever pull in 5 items.

Is there anyway of increasing this amount?

I’ve only been using Xenforo for about 3 days, and couldn’t find anything that could set the feed up to extract more items.

Any help would be appreciated – thanks in advance.


Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member
It does 5 at a time. It pulls in 5 items each time it checks the feed. Just wait it out. Or click the Import Now link in the feed area of the Admin CP. That will force a check.