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Not a bug Feed invalid URL with Login.


XenForo developer
Staff member
That's not a valid URL because of the @ in the username - you're trying to give it a port of "Meh@gmail.google.com". You likely need to URL encode the @ in the username, though that may not work (and the URL format for that may not be possible).
Encoding doesn't work at all. Still giving me the invalid url speel. How is this not a bug? the @ is valid because that's the user name.
Well, I was wrong with my last statement (I can only blame myself, and probably my Sun thin client). Encoding the @ does pass the regex filter. However, XenForo gives me a 401 when I preview the feed. When using Chrome or FF with the @ 'encrypted' (%40), same thing occurs and I have to use the @ sign. Is there no way around this besides manually editing the DB and hoping for the best?