Featured Resources Update


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I don't often look at the resources section now that my sites are established (unless I have a particular need), but I'm sure there are plenty of interesting add-ons available that I'm not aware of.

It would be nice if the featured resources were updated monthly/quarterly to take into account essential guides (i.e. upgrading to the latest version, conditionals), but also including a rotating selection of really good add-ons that are fairly new.

It looks like there have only been a handful of featured addons in 2014 - it would be great to see some new additions in the mix. Monthly voting for 3 featured addons each month may be too time consuming for mods, but even hand-pick choices would be interesting.


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We purposely don't feature third party add-ons for several reasons.

Primarily we have no idea of the quality of the code so can't be seen to be promoting or condoning them.
Additionally, there would be complaints of favouritism, etc.

For these reasons featured resources are limited to guides.


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Fair enough, bit of a shame though as it would be interesting to have a "top picks" of new add-ons.