FB Recommed button / language wrong in sidebar vs. thread view


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I have a Forum running in 2 languages (english and german).

When switching to the german-language-interface, the FB-Recommend button which is located in the Sidebar does not switch to german language-wording.
This is actually working fine in the thread-view at the FB-Recommend-button at the very bottom of the thread-page.

So something seems to be wrong with the language of the FB-Recommend-button in the Sidebar.....


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This seems to work for me - I see "Empfehlen" in both places. Do you have a URL where this is happening?


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Sidebar says "Recommend" instead of "Empfehlen" when you view the page in german language.
Thread-view is fine though.......

BTW: I saw another board which is running in german-language only and at that page it is showing correct.
So it seems when running in more than one language than it is different.....


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the Twitter-button is changing just fine from "Tweet" (english) into "Twittern" (german).
but the FB-button does not......


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hmmm... then it is probably caching as you say.

Thanks for checking!

You recommended my page a few hours ago, so shouldn´t it still show a number besides the "FB Recommend button" ?


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fair enough ;)

did you recognize when recommending, then the pop-up-box opens up where you enter the text.
Then the horizontal scrollbar appears at the website...... I guess I remember this was a bug report?