Favorite Add-On?

Olly Wood

The Keyword link add-on, it's great for linking to external sites, and internally, which is great for SEO, it tells Google you want to belong to the wider internet community.


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There are a lot of very beneefitial addons. These are the most useful ones I use.

Amazon Parser
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I love many many add-ons but my favourite one is definetly

Paid: XF Media Gallery
I love this add-on so much as much as i love xenforo. But only after i got custom add-ons made for it and still waiting for more to be completed soon.

Free: Thumbnails by waindigo?
Most of the add-ons i use are paid add-ons. So i didn't have much to choose from. But this makes the forum look more colorful.

I'm slowly learning to code. Then i'll be able to make my own add-ons. Then my add-ons will be my favourite . lol