Favicons from a redirect.

My XF is hosted in the root of www.myhosting.com.

I'm redirecting the subdomain of forums.mypublicsite.com via a masked forwarded subdomain.

Only problem is that despite having code for a favicon in both my header and page_container of my XF install, as well as having a favicon.ico file in my www.myhosting.com.

Note: I don't have hosting associated with mypublicsite.com so putting a favicon.ico file there really isn't an option.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
Thanks a bunch for your help. However, I actually already viewed that post and tried exactly that. Whatever is causing it is being caused by the fact that the redirect is stopping the browser from picking up the favicon. This might be out of my hands unless i add hosting to my "mypublicsite.com". :(

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="http://www.inkdapp.com/favicon.ico?v=2" />
I even added a querystring to try to force an update.
If you'd like to look at it the XF install is at
and the redirect is coming form
hmm.. its always worked at inkdapp.com

but if you get there through forum.inkd.me no dice. I've tried it on several computers.

are you sure your getting the favicon on forum.inkd.me
Sorry for being a newbie, but where is the frameset html?

EDIT: Researching what your saying it looks like i have to find someway to edit the frame on godaddy's end. researching if theres a way to do this. thanks.

EDIT: Confirmed no way to do this with godaddy forwarding if you are masking as well.

Jake Bunce

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Hmm. Well using a frameset in this way is a yucky thing to do anyways. One reason is that your forum (within the frameset) is on a different host than the frameset itself. One uses the subdomain, the other does not. This can cause problems with cookie scope in my experience which can manifest as login / logout problems on the forum.
Heh, I'm new to a lot of this. Basically I made the mistake of setting up a squarespace site on my domain without using a subdomain. So then I used a different domain for hosting. Looks like I need to transfer my hosting to inkd.me and then setup squarespace on a subdomain. Yucky.