XF 1.5 Favicon redirect

All of our sites are located at whateverdotcom/forums/

We redirect from whateverdotcom to whateverdotcom/forums/

When I run a webpagetest on whateverdotcom/forums/ the last thing it does it look for a favicon but it looks to whateverdotcom/favicon.ico first, hits the redirect and finds it at whateverdotcom/forums/favicon.ico

Is there a way to keep this from happening and for the page to look for the favicon in the /forums folder instead of going to the root and then being redirected back to the /forums folder?

Figured it out. Put it in Page Container, but not in the head section. Moved it and it is working perfectly. Shaves 150-190ms off load time. It is only a little, but every little bit helps! Thanks for the help.