XF 1.5 Favicon not showing on forum page

We can't seem to display the favicon on our Forum pages.


I've already uploaded the favicon image in the root folder, and it's displaying when I log in to the Admin page.

Is there something we're missing or could this be a bug?



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Favicon and browser behaviour are unrelated to XF.

You just need a valid favicon.ico file in the domain root and browsers will pick it up.


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Hi @KevRog , I have experienced this problem myself enter the URL fully link. Do not use it as /favicon.ico



Good work.
Thanks for the help! Got it fixed.

The favicon.ico file was added into the public domain. It showed up in our Admin panel area, but not in the general forums.

I wasn't able to find the settings where I could add a direct link to the favicon. Just didn't appear in my Admin section.

We're using Flat Awesome for styling, so it required additional code to be added in, along with a link to the PNG file.

Went to the HTML file and added in this line of code:
<link rel="icon" type="image/png" href="file-name.png" />