XF 2.2 Favicon for Bookmark HomePage on Mobiles


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I have just found out how to put my forum on my mobile phone and Tablet.
(Its taken me a while to do this, as I am not a big mobile user)
But I want to advise all of my members how to do this, in case they have not already

Some of them forget the name of my forum so did not log in

So I have set up the Home Page on my mobile
But a plain letter N comes up as the icon. My forum starts with the letter N, and it looks good
But I want a much better look icon more gragically designed
ACP says put a favion into my style folder

But the text underneath that entry in ACP says the file should be 32x32 px
This is very low res
Surely 120x120 or 150x150 would be more appropriate.

Can I put a larger icon into that path
The quality of the icons on mobiles today are very good, I just can't see 32x32 being acceptable

Is the text on the ACP instructions out of date?

Sorry for the long explanation
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