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XF 1.5 HTML Background-Image Not Displayed On Mobiles


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We use a gradient like background image (inserted in the "html" style property) on our theme (http://orojackson.com/misc/style?st....com/threads/beta-1-0-surgeon-of-death.18345/) (or visit and select "Surgeon Of Death")

It works well on PC's but on my mobile (and a few other members mobiles/tablets) the background image doesn't load and just shows up as black, it's like it has been completely removed.

The background image has the following properties:

How do I solve this issue? I'm pretty sure there has to be a way to get it displayed on all browsers, regardless of platform?


XenForo moderator
Staff member
As far as default XF code is concerned, there is no difference between devices when loading the html background.