XF 1.3 Fatal Error: Maximum function nesting level of '100' reached, aborting!

In one of my posts, I've been using too much BB code, and as a result, an error has been thrown. So, I want to find out where I can increase this Maximum function nesting level, and I heard it's in php.ini. However, I don't know where this file is. I'm currently using WAMP to host my server on my home computer.


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If you are using WAMP, it will be something like C:\WAMP\PHP\php.ini

Basically wherever you have installed WAMP, in the PHP folder.
I went to C:\WAMP\bin\php\php5.4.12\php.ini

There appears to be no "maximum function nesting level" however there is a Maximum_input_nesting_level hidden by comments (;). Could removed the ; (comments) and setting the max-input to say, 250 fix this error?


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If it's commented out, it will be using the default values. You can check what that currently is by looking at phpinfo via the ACP

Uncommenting and setting your own value, and restarting the webserver should sort it.
I went in my Php files and changed the max_input_nesting_level to 150, but I still get an error saying the max is 100. I did remove the comment.


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Normally they're set via php.ini. There could be multiple ini files loaded (phpinfo would tell you where they are specifically). If you can't find a rule, you can just write a new line to increase it (or disable xdebug; the specifics of that would be controlled by WAMP).