Implemented FASTER: claim and handle report


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i would suggest to have a faster ajax dropdown
without completely refreshing the whole page
when you click the CLAIM AND HANDLE REPORT button.

when you click the "claim and handle report" button it takes about 3seconds to finished.
thats very waste of time especially if you have 50+ of REPORTS to handle.

i suggest to have AJAX style, when you click the button,
it shows the choices at instant.
no more 3 seconds of waiting for the choices to show...

better yet it will happen in the same page, drop down
also right below the TOPICS of report.
no refreshing of the whole page needed.


The report system can have a lot of improvements. It's a bit of a drag sometimes to work with, especially on very busy forums.


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yahh ...

thats why it would be appreciated by many of us xf owners to have also some improvements on management/administration side
to make a more enjoyable forum administration.

improvement on users features = good
improvement on users features + improvement on admins features = very good!