XF 1.1 FastCGI issues?


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Hi all,

I'm running Xenforo on a new server, so I decided to use FastCGI rather than the default Apache DSO

The problem I'm having is I have to keep logging in everytime I change something in the admin panel, such as modifying a style.

It even does it when I'm simply looking through the css/template areas.

I switched back to DSO, then SuPHP, neither have that problem, only Fastcgi, apparently.

Any ideas?


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Bah! It was Xcache :(
I guess it's not working 100% right with Fastcgi, heh
Thanks Clickfinity
Correct. Xcache doesn't work with FastCGI or suPhP, because they spawn separate instances, and each one has it's own cache associated with it. If you are running either Xcache or APC, you need to run in DSO.

They will work, but depending on which fcgi process the request hits, you can get different versions of the cache, and it will also be deleted when that process dies off.


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I spent about a week trying to get APC and Xcache to work with FastCGI, and in the end, I changed to mod_ruid2 within cpanel to make it work, as it keeps apache running in DSO but still splits the accounts out the same way FastCGI does.


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What I've done now is removed Xcache and am running Memcache instead, it seems to be working aok...so far.
Thanks for the tips though, much appreciated :)