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I've got a little FAQ add-on that I'm going to be releasing for free. Let me know what other features you'd like to see come with it.

  • Full FAQ with adding, editing and deleting
  • Question categories
  • BBCode supported answer fields
  • Custom BBCode for linking to specific FAQ entries: [faq=10][/faq]
  • [Option] Multiple sort options (alphabetical, submit date, view count)
  • [Option] Show answers on the same page (slide down), or a new page
  • [Option] Questions per page
  • [Option] Always show in tab in main navigation
  • [Option] Show media share buttons
  • [Block] Most popular questions
  • [Block] Recently added questions
  • RSS feed for most recently added questions
  • Uses XenForo phrases for easy language translations
Live Demo:

Planned Features:
  • (TBD) Integration with XenForo's attachment system
  • Give me some suggestions. :)
That looks excellent! :D

I like your theme too, nice work!

Looking forward to having a play around with this when you do release it :)
I agree, this does look excellent. I'm wondering if this can be adapted to house template modifications, guides etc? Eitherway, can't wait to play around with this, great job. :)
Wow, looks great and I'm excited to test it out!

When you say BBcode, does it mean also image attachements?
Suggestion: Rather than it to be embedded in the help dropdown allow an option to have it's own Tab?
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Just a few things:

For the .faqItem.discussionList.sectionMain, you should remove the last two classes, because they're either redundant, or being re-used on the wrong page. Instead, just use .faqItem.secondaryContent, and modify that to fit the styling that you want, which will save designers and users time when modifying it.

Page navigation should be above the sectionMain container, to keep it uniform to XenForo.

The way the permalink is setup seems to have a lot of wasted space... Wouldn't it have been better to just hash link to the FAQ?

Overall its nice, but the permalink seems a bit wrong to me, if only because theres too much white space when there is only a small response to the FAQ.
I've got a little FAQ add-on...

Planned Features:
  • Give me some suggestions. :)
Sexy...I like it...your site looks pretty nice too btw.

I mean I haven't had much time to think about it....(5 mins in this thread...) but would be a linkback/credit entry linking to original content that gave the first or clearest answer. Might not be for every site, but for sites where a lot of good answers are straight out of the community pot it gives some recognition, with a link to an answer which may contain more posts directly before and after it which may each provide for a better context to understand...which is what people looking for answers are doing...trying to understand.

Even if it was something like hover on the text credit displays a block element with links in it... in dunno, for now I will leave that as my suggestion since you asked :).

Either way, I can't wait to play around with this thing. Keep up the good work.
This looks great, and I am excited for this!

The main thing I would hope for this to have is the XF attachment system for screenshots, etc.

Great job. (Y)


One suggestion would be to allow an option to open the faq links in an external page/tab or to do what it currently does by showing the text below.
@intradox It doesn't have attachments enabled at the moment, but that is something that I could potentially add.

@Forsaken Thanks for your input! I haven't really cleaned up the CSS classes, and I haven't touched the layouts of the individual question permalink pages, so they certainly need some work. In regards to the page navigation: Is there an existing page that has pagination that also has a left sidebar that I could use as a reference? I was originally modelling it after the "Help" templates, but none of those have paginated content.

@EQnoble I'll think about this one. I'd started adding functionality to credit individual users with answers, but scaled that back since it wasn't going to be necessary on my site. Adding a credit or more info link could be useful though.

@oman Having the option to click through vs click to open is on my list. :)

@Mouth @Shelley Attack of the tabs! I didn't add one in originally just because I don't want to needlessly clutter up main navigation, but I can make it optional.
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