Lack of interest Family Tree


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So, I just thought of this, but having the ability to create a simple map-based family tree would be really nice. If this has already been requested, sorry for creating a duplicate thread!

Of course it'd be optional, but having family trees/ organizational charts with the ability to be displayed on the sidebar of individual forums or even the main layout would be awesome!

They could be used for:
  • Timelines
  • Models for cars, planes, trains (first model to current model, and sibling models)
  • Organizational Charts
  • User Group Hierarchy
  • Trophy Hierarchy
  • Site Maps
  • Simple Location Maps
  • Road Maps
  • Ratings (example: coffee flavor. strongest to lightest, hovering over allows people to see which flavors rank where on the tree)
  • etc...
I'm sure people could come up with their own ways to use them. If each type of Tree (which fits well into your node theme!) could also have the option for additional hovering information, this would be really be a feature I'd consider even purchasing. The option for different map layouts (spider web, circle, tier, tree, timeline, etc) would also be great.

This could also make a really nice addon, if others agree! Thanks for checking out my idea.