Add-on Family Groups

Floyd R Turbo

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I searched a bit but could not find anything that quite fits this one.

We have a statewide club with an optional paid membership (managed/tracked via forum account upgrade). We have regional events where membership is required to attend and club-wide events where there is paid general admission but members get in free.

We would like to allow the inclusion of things like spouses and kids under one "Family Membership" but this seems to be a manual process - designate one person as the "primary" and then identify any other accounts and manually upgrade them, etc. However there is no system to actually tie them together so that the "primary" account causes upgrade/downgrade automatically. I can't see a way where a User Group Promotion would be able to automate this.

I suppose it's possible to create special user groups for each family, but again, manual and a bit unmanageable.

Anyone have any ideas?

I suppose it would be possible to have an addon developed that would take care of this if there isn't one available.

Looking for ideas, thoughts, knowledge of other addons that might do the trick. This one was the only one I found, not sure if it's exactly what I am looking for though, I want separate accounts that are tied together somehow