Facebook won't show up any image

Marco Famà

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Dear all,
I'm experiencing a strange problem on Facebook when posting this exact URL
on my fanpage wall.

In fact, although the HTML code returned looks correct

    <meta property="og:image" content="http://timelapseitalia.com/wp-content/uploads/TLI-Logo-72dpi-Trasparente-Tagline-nera-100px-quadri-Facebook-XenForo.png" />
and the image path is fine, Facebook won't simply associate any image to the post.

Anyone knows why?

Thanks a ton

P.S. Don't know if it's a XenForo bug.. sorry for maybe misunderstaning..

Chris D

XenForo developer
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I don't think this will be a XenForo bug as the image is working - and actually XenForo has nothing to do with the process.

As long as the meta properties are there, Facebook will read them.

I've just ran the Facebook OG debugger: https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/og/object?q=http://timelapseitalia.com/forum/

It seems to be loading the image fine.

What I have found previously is that Facebook heavily caches open graph resources such as images. I once changed the og image on my site and it took several weeks before it was correct. And the caching is all on their side, as clearing the browser cache didn't work.

What you might want to try is to change the path to the image or upload a new image, and then update the template in XenForo with the new URL to the image. This should cause Facebook to start using the correct one.

EDIT: Just noticed this in the debugger:

Tiny og:image
All the images referenced by og:image must be at least 200px in both dimensions. Please check all the images with tag og:image in the given url and ensure that it meets the minimum specification.

You might need to increase the size of the image to 200px x 200px - but I suspect it might not be that as the default image is smaller.

I definitely think changing the path would be best.

Chris D

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Yeah sure.

My board is down right now, so I can't check the right template for you, but I can tell you how to find it.

Just go to Admin CP > Appearance > Search Templates and in the second larger box, search for og:image

I think it's something like META_HEAD or something like that.

Chris D

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No problem :)

If you ever change the image, I'd suggest to avoid the caching issue to re-upload it with a different URL and then change the URL in the template again. Facebook will have no choice but to go and fetch the file again.