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Hi guys,

I'm not very familiar with Facebook applications.
My goal is to have an application created that will point to the main Facebook page of our site.
The same way XenForo page works:

What would be the process of using that page as being linked to the Like button into our forums?
Thanks for the info,



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The application and that page really aren't related - that's just a page on Facebook.

The like button doesn't relate to that page either - it relates to the users the click it.


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I understand that. The question is: Is there a way to make the application related directly to the page?
I think it makes sense to have a common place that tracks the information. If I understand correctly, right now you have an independent page (XenForo) and a separate application that tracks the Facebook Likes.

Is it possible to unify this information using the XFBML?