XF 1.1 Facebook Proxymail Issue


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Not a bug, more of an annoyance.
When user registers via Facebook, they take a (example: app+50****tafp.1****de.1d5*************2f2845d50b9@proxymail dot facebook dot com) email address.
So, what happens when a user leaves Facebook?

I have, one instance where an email is bouncing back on the server as undeliverable.
The best thing, I guess would be to contact them asking for a new email addy?
Awaiting email confirmation - etc.

Is that, for us, the best way to go about it?
Cheers :)

Chris D

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It really doesn't matter.

They could just as easily close their ISP e-mail account when they change ISPs or change their Gmail account address.

You could contact them and tell them they should update their e-mail address, but otherwise it doesn't really matter to you as an admin.