XF 1.2 Facebook login


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What do you risk allowing Facebook login? Anything? Here is one concern I have. Some banned members from my community from many moons ago are very active on Facebook, and would love to login and terrorize the community - I had banned them from the site including blocking their IP back then. How can I safe guard my site from unwanted banned members etc geting on via the Facebook login?

I don't want to lose this great login feature.



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If they have a static IP address it will be the same no matter how many accounts they create, whether via Facebook or not.
Otherwise just ban the new accounts/IP addresses.


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Ok - good, also, is there a spot in the ACP I can just copy and paste all banned IP addresses or should i just do it via .htaccess?


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I saw this, unfortunately it wont let you copy and paste the IP's. my IP's are in this format.

example: 192.11.234, 193.23.234, 456.44.696