Facebook is killing traditional forums, but there is still time to adapt


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The true test was when an active Member who previously expressed no interest in Facebook, suddenly friend requested me on Facebook. Then the countdown began....Participation on my Board decreased, crap posted on Facebook and Facebook Groups increased, and often times they pulled up their tent stakes and POOF, were gone.

Luckily our boards have survived but not without casualties. This survival is largely due to converting to cutting edge softwares, which we think best competes with Facebook as far as Uploading of images etc.
It's true. Everything changes, including the environments in which our forums were created and made sense.

Change is just a fact of life, and especially a fact of life in technology. The only question that will ultimately remain is whether you have the energy left to adapt or persist, regardless. If you don't, you have to consider moving on. Those, essentially, become the options.