XF 1.5 Facebook integration has changed?


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I'm trying to set up FB integration as per the instructions on this site, but it seems FB has changed a lot of things since this version of XF was created. The "secret" appears to have been removed altogether. Do I just leave that field blank?

It also wants me to insert JS code somewhere on my site. Where on earth do I put this?

Chris D

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No, nothing has changed. It would still require an App ID and secret.

It seems as though the process has changed. I've just been through it. It seems more of a wizard approach right now.

It will talk to you about setting up Javascript and the SDK, but you can just skip that bit as we obviously manage that bit in our code.

Just answer as much as you can via that quick start system then in the left sidebar at the top click "Dashboard".

It will give you your App ID and secret there:


You'll then need to go to "App Review" and make your app public before you start testing.