Facebook Integration Error & E-Mail Confirmation Problems


I just installed XenForo, and we've come across two problems so far.

1.) No matter what I do, I cannot get the Facebook application to work. I tried to follow the steps shown in the XenForo manual, but the steps listed there did not match up with what the Facebook application site was showing me when I tried to create the app.

2.) Users trying to register ARE receiving confirmation e-mails, but the link given doesn't work. It directs them to a "sorry this page cannot be found" message. So I've been having to validate everyone's accounts manually.


1) Which part doesn't match? Or which part are you having trouble with?


2) I am guessing your board URL is wrong:

Admin CP -> Home -> Options -> Basic Board Information -> Board URL
1.) User Support Address andContact Email-------------------- there are no such fields.
Click on Web Site-----no such option

EDIT: I may just be completely having a DERP moment with the Facebook integration, I'm not sure. Regardless when I run the tests, it says an error occured, so something isn't right. lol

2.) My board URL is set to http://www.sunless-guild.com/forum, and the home URL is set to http://www.sunless-guild.com

Jake Bunce

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1) Maybe the instructions need updating. I am not a facebooker so I can't check it. :(

2) The URL looks correct. Can you post one of the links that isn't working?


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That will fix links in emails from now on. That old link still won't work. But it works if you manually remove the "forum" part:


I just visited this link and it activated the account. As is normal for "used" activation links, this link now redirects to the index page.
Ohhh goodie. :3

That just leaves me with the facebook issue. lol :3

I also can't find my own facebook ID or the ID of my guild's facebook page to save my life....