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When I put my link on facebook it pulls the XenForo image as the description and not my logo. I tried updating the "Facebook Open Graph Logo, ../styles/default/xenforo/logo.og.png" with the updated image and still shows the Xenforo image.

Any idea how I can update this?


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From the FAQ:

How do I replace the Xenforo Facebook recommend/like logo with my own?
Upload your logo to the server and change the image path in the ACP -> Styles -> Style Properties -> Header and Navigation -> Settings: Facebook Open Graph Logo. Due to caching it can take several weeks for the image to update on the Facebook servers. You can attempt to force an update of the cache using the debugger.
Note that the image must be square with minimum dimensions of 200px and maximum dimensions of 350px.



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@Brogan, I have found some refferences saying that nowadays, the recommended size for the og image is 1200×630 or larger,trying to keep the 1.9:1 ratio.
The minium image size to display is 200×200 but I discovered myself that depending on how this share will be displayed, the image simply wont appear.

Can I take a ride and ask how I change the <meta property="og:description" content="Forum software by XenForo" /> ??

Thanks in advance


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That sounds about right for Facebook - they're always fiddling.

The og:description is from the Board Meta Description in the ACP.