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i have again Problem with push a Thread with a Image to Facebook Profil/Site/Groups

in the Facebook debugger i become this response :

The object under the URL "https://www.elnino-onlinegaming.de/threads/thies-ist-ein-test.878/" of the type "article" is not valid, because the specified value "data / attachments / 1 / 1120-325aad618dd16fa411c2ddffed10c2d0.jpg "for the property" og: image: url "of art" url "could not be parsed.

@Jake Bunce i found this tutorial form you http://tutorialsave.com/how-to-set-attachment-images-og-facebook-xenforo/ but its not working

have you some idea what can i do ?

It is very circuitously to upload the pictures always first in the gallery. And then insert image over the editor instead of just as an attachment.

Can not you help me to post the pictures as attachment in fb? There must be a possibility as there are other forums software it can.

You can test it here https://www.elnino-onlinegaming.de/threads/dies-ist-ein-test.878/ its my test thread with a pic attachment

I apologize for my bad english

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@Lemminator - there isn't a demo board for that add-on but you can see what my threads look like on the Facebook Open Graph tester:

Some example threads from my community you can copy and paste into the tool above:

I am sure if you tinker with the templates you could achieve it without add-ons, but this saved a lot of time for me and also works great for Twitter cards.
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