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I want to add 50 new threads to my Xenforo forum.
I prepare the data, open my app, insert text, and send.

Hurra, after some seconds I have 50 new threads in my forum.

And now I would like to do the same with Facebook, but I have no idea how to do it.

None of the existing add-ons work for me. My fault, Facebook's fault, Add-on's fault? I don't know.

What I want to do is send ten posts per day to Facebook.

I write an add-on fetching ten titles of new threads to a text field like

The red flowers look awesome! {Link to thread}
The new blue car is faster than the old one. {Link to thread}

I read the titles, change some of them, line by line, then I press [Send]

Now Facebook should do ten new posts. (Twitter also)

My question is:

Is this possible with Facebook? Do they have an API to send:

for x to y
$newPost = "..."
use curl ...

Is this possible?
Since this is in the off-topic area and it's related to interactions between FB and XenForo... doubt you will get much traction on replies since public available areas don't get support, even for license holders, as it's expected they will post in the appropriate area.
You may want to report your initial post to staff and then see if they will move it to where it better fits.
Finally, the question is too easy to answer, or nobody is interested ...

Now I still sit and think about a concept.

1. Just write Title and Description for SEO, make two buttons: send title plus URL to x, send description plus URL to FB.
1b. Use also buttons to do the same, but with form field of x/FB for manually edit.

2. Copy title (and or SEO-Data) with a click to a new table. Make edit/delete for these items.
Send them one by one with a cron and delete item after set to "ready to send"

3. Have a page where I can insert thread_id or URL, then fetch content and write it to a form_fieldl, edit line by line, send them in one go.

4. Just mark threads with checkboxes and type 1 or type 2

I will sleep another night or two ...
Luckily, Facebook does indeed have an API that allows you to automate posts, just like you're envisioning. You can use tools like cURL or libraries in your preferred programming language to interact with their API and send posts.
It might take a bit of tinkering and some trial and error to get it just right, but once you crack the code, you'll be posting like a pro!
But if you're ever in need of some insights into your Facebook ads performance, don't forget about those handy Facebook ads reporting tools. They can be a real game-changer when it comes to optimizing your social media strategy.
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