Extremelly happy with XenForo SEO friendlyness


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I'm very happy with XenForo, I started a community since XenForo was released and I'm getting very good Google positions for common terms, I'm using also Azucloud Long Tail Seo (nice addon!) since the day it was released.

All the problems I had with XenForo (very few) were caused by me, despite being Beta. XenForo works like a charm and I recommend it to anyone who wants to start a next-generation community. Using XenForo is really addictive and I have never been so involved in online communities like now. All the feedback from my users is 100% positive.

Life's much better with XenForo :)

I have to remark that my forum has great content and I have selected a good niche :) anyway XenForo is great and help me boost my projects and want to start more.

Here it's a screenshot of visitors coming from search engines:



good to know that... as i am soon starting website and thinking about using xenForo.... right now testing on localhost for error and trying out all addons!


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right now testing on localhost for error and trying out all addons!
How did you download the add-ons (or the software for that matter)?

Your forum account isn't showing as being associated with a license so you won't have access to the customer forums.