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[Extra] Block Links in Posts & Signatures (with Whitelist) [Paid] 1.1.1

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Have you uploaded all files from the package?
Please check if the file Proxy.php exists in library/El/BlockExternalLinks/Listener


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How idiotic of me I accidentally created a /library/library folder and put it in there.
Fixed. I don't see those three buttons at the top though.

Suggestion: Have an option maybe for "*" on some domains to allow all from that domain, like Google search results.
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I had a similar addon created for vbulletin, which blocks blacklisted websites with a specific message for each website.

Please add the following functions:
  • Blacklist option: only block blacklisted domains
  • Custom message per domain.
    For example: "We do not allow links to Please upload your image by using the upload file function."