External sync of members



We are in the process of converting our existing page (Wordpress) and instead put our focus on the community, of course, the choice fell on Xenforo.

With Xenporta and other plugins and themes available, we have received the most necessary functions. A "problem" remains for us to solve, a plugin that can sync all members to an external database.

Why do we want this?
We have started a Swedish association for players of all possible ages and genders. For this we can get a contribution per member but also per team that members create "in-house" with us.

There is an API from the supplier of the external database, that information I can give to any person interested in this project. It is also possible to see if the members are approved or not approved directly in the external database. This is a feature we would like to see in Xenforo on members and teams.

There are mainly three things this plugin must be able to do.
1. Sync all members (new and old) to the external database.
2. Sync all groups / teams (new and old) to the external database.
3. Get information from the external database if the members and teams are approved or not approved.

Any questions and / or concerns?

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