XF 1.5 External Accounts - Twitter Error


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I'm receiving an error when trying to associate my Twitter account on my site. I can't see the actual error and I don't think my Host has error logging enabled.

My site's Twitter integration tests out fine under the Tools menu.

Any thoughts?
Hi Brogan,

Yeah it's me again. Thanks for all your support! :)

The error I see is just the friendly message shown below. Is there a place I can see the actual error outside of turning error logging on the server? I'll need to see if I can coordinate turning on error logging with my host if it's necessary.

So I enabled the Development tab and I still don't see any errors in the Server Logs. Were you referring to some other place to check errors in the Development tab?
Did you get this fixed? I am having the same error and if you discovered the problem and can share it maybe I can fix mine without submitting a ticket.
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