Extending user upgrades... how?


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Am I missing something or is there actually no way that a user could extend an active subscription, i.e. that when they buy another upgrade their original one gets extended?

This seems really bizarre because I assume that our situation where we only have several ad-free account upgrades of varying durations is quite common, and yet it doesn't seem to be possible to set it up properly. Most people renew before their upgrade expires, or feel like donating again in mid-term and they get two upgrades running concurrently instead of their original one being extended, or the durations being combined.


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Ouch. And since I can't even edit existing subscriptions I get double the headache whenever a member asks me to combine their donations. Please implement this quickly, this is going to be a real PITA to deal with until you do...

Jake Bunce

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That's weird because there is code for this:



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"Registered" (usergroup 2) goes for an upgrade "Silver" (usergroup 7) for 1 year Jan 2012 - Jan 2013. So, that's: Primary usergroup 2, secondary usergroup 7.
Same person, already in both usergroups decides half-way through the year to buy again. This means that they now have 2 current upgrades. Yep, fine so far.
The first upgrade would lapse in Jan 2013 leaving the other upgrade running until it expires later on that year. Twin concurrent upgrades...in other words.

The burning question is:
Would the, albeit temporary "drop" in January 2013 for the first upgrade affect the usergroup status of this member? Would it, "drop" the member from usergroup 7 never to return naturally?


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What do you mean by "drop" and "temporary"? Someone either is a member of usegroup X or isn't. There is no inbetween. These secondary usergroups get stripped once their subscription expires (or if you manually strip the user upgrade from user), end of story. Renew subscription, regain same usergroup.