XF 1.2 Extending the mast (sidebar) in profile pages all the way


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Currently the sidebar .mast class ends right when the content contained in it ends. How can I extend it to span the whole profile? I want this done since I am adding a background colour to it and it would make more sense for it to span the whole profile.

Furthermore, I am having an issue with the profilePage avatar. For some reason it has some space right underneath it. I am wondering how I can remove it. Using margins to remove it doesn't help since if there is an avatar that extends more than the max height of 250px the border gets hidden (because of the negative margin). This is seen in the screen shot below.

The issue seems to be because of the <span> inside the avatarScaler class or the <a> if you are on your own profile.

Edit: This little annoyance is also evident on the official xenForo forums, the actual image is 3px smaller than the height of the class 'avatarScaler', I am essentially trying to get rid of that difference.