XF 2.2 extending sitemap options


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How does the XFMG attach the sitemap options on admin.php?options/groups/sitemap/ like this?

sitemap options.png
I can't find any code in the addon that does it.

I would like to add a checkbox for my custom addon which i've built out already by extending XF\Sitemap\AbstractHandler but does not seem to get included. I'm wondering if that last part is the missing piece to link it up to the main generation process.

TypeHandler: sitemap_handler_class

And look into XFMG\Sitemap
Yup, i already have a content type listed pointing to my class extension.

I've been through XFMG\Sitemap for 2 days and cannot find anything including in the xml's that adds those options.
I just found my issue - i had a typo in my namespace on the extension file and my urls are included now and the option is listed.

But, it's not pretty. It's a_phrase_like_this instead of a Nice Phrase.
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