Extended Attached Files shows View attachment


In our portal we've extended attached files and able to show this:
Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 9.02.38 AM.png
Now - when we submit the page we see: View attachment 30733 - whats the method name to parse that out? The bbcode2html is not parsing

The problem is not within XF, its outside.. Laravel uses the XF library to render the bbcode back to HTML.. when it does that, it showing as a link instead of an image tag. were trying to find the code that renders the but this **** is sooo tightly coupled with the messages, we gotta look everywhere and it also expects certain fields/parameters that are not available in laravel. We can make them available if we know what they are.. Anyone want to jump in? We think system needs to be abstracted into the laravel side. tracking down this **** can take days and it has.

@Mike @Brogan , or @Kier please join.. or anyone else?
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