XF 1.5 Extend XenForo link generator

Jake B.

Well-known member
Currently XF is generating all of its full links based on HTTP_HOST and the path you're visiting. So, for example, if you include XF and render a page using their templates to get the header/footer the navigation links are all domain.com/... instead of domain.com/community/.... it's getting base paths and such from XenForo_Application::get('requestPaths') so -- I'd like to extend this, I've tried running $this->addLazyLoader('requestPaths', array($this, 'loadRequestPaths')); where loadRequestPaths is a function that calls runs $app->get('requestPaths') and modifies it to be the correct path based on where XenForo is actually installed (using boardUrl). I've tried just extending XenForo_Application::getRequestPaths but that didn't work and it's causing a giant headache. Hopefully someone has done something like this and has some insight :)