XF 2.2 Extend Node Character Lenght

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I only have 5 words in the node title but I get Please enter a value using 50 characters or fewer.

There was a plugin for that but the link to it is dead and old forum post suggestions don't work for 2.2, any suggestions?

You can take a look at this page:

Or you can try whatever it is these other two guys are recommending :unsure:
what is written there is correct. But it means the direct editing of the XF core files.
With an update it is gone and until then XF reports constantly faulty content of its files.
I think the existing titles would remain the same after an update...? But yeah, he'd have to reapply the edits for any future changes.

And there's worse things than the admin reporting mismatched files - I see them all the time and blithely ignore them - but that's up to him.
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