Lack of interest Extend higher limit constraints to attachments on article threads

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I had almost filed this as a bug based off my initial interpretation from the announcement about article threads, specifically this section:

we automatically allow more characters and images to reflect the fact that articles will often be longer and more complex than your average forum post.

I understood "images" as also applying to attachments. After coming across the attachment limit error and going back to Chris' post about how limits are raised for article threads, I'm unsure if this was intended but not implemented or was left out for other reasons. Since there is a specific absence of "attachments", I leaned on making it a suggestion.

As a visual aid, here is the setting and appropriate error for embedded images:



... and here is the one for attachments informing me that I can only attach one file instead of at least three as I had expected:

The above is using the quick-thread flow on the article forum but it's the same experience on the new thread page.
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Worth doing it, IMHO

I was on the fence about it for the reason I stated (no direct mention of attachments), because if it wasn't a bug then I would still need to make (this) thread. As I said my understanding of the way the announcement was written may be hazy.

It could be moved into the bug forum although I would've written the first post differently.


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With the current approach, changing the allowed attachments in articles isn't really viable. This is because the attachments constraints relate to the thread in general and the type isn't known until submission.

This has sort of been on my radar from before the beta, but the likely change is that the constraints would only be increased in article forums, as we can guarantee the thread type there. (But if that change doesn't happen, then this change is unlikely to happen.)


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Thanks for clearing that up!

the likely change is that the constraints would only be increased in article forums, as we can guarantee the thread type there.
Could this be offered as a setting per article forum if that change is made? That way not every article forum has those higher limits (some sites may not want their users to upload that many attachments but still use the article format, whereas an announcement forum would be used by staff and generally wouldn't be abused). That may be too granular though but it would provide a bit more flexibility otherwise.

It's not ideal but at least the temporary workaround is raising the attachment limit before posting so it's not too bad (for anyone who may wonder how to get around this for now).