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Extend actionEdit Method

Discussion in 'XenForo Development Discussions' started by rellek, Sep 12, 2013.

  1. rellek

    rellek Well-Known Member


    let's assume, I wanted to add something to some admin template. I created a class for my extension controller, I registered it, I created a listener. Now I'd like to make a variable available to the response view in actionEdit.

    Question: How would I do this?

    I found @Jake Bunce's post about how to extend the actionSave method, but I'm afraid this doesn't really help here?!

  2. Daniel Hood

    Daniel Hood Well-Known Member

    Not sure which class you're referring to so I went with AddOn (it was the first result). $viewParams is what sends the data to the template to be used. So you would just insert a new array element.

    public function actionEdit()

    $addOnId $this->_input->filterSingle('addon_id'XenForo_Input::STRING);
    $addOn $this->_getAddOnOrError($addOnId);

    $viewParams = array(
    'addOn' => $addOn,

  3. rellek

    rellek Well-Known Member

    So that means I have to re-implement the whole original method in this case?
  4. Daniel Hood

    Daniel Hood Well-Known Member

    Not entirely. could you explain a little more what you're extending/doing?
  5. rellek

    rellek Well-Known Member

    I want to display an extra set of data in the forum edit page. I created an admin template mod with an Owen variable in it. This variable needs to be included in the variable $viewParams. To not break other addons and to keep it upgrade-safe, I'd rather not completely override a method.
  6. Daniel Hood

    Daniel Hood Well-Known Member

    I'm not at the computer but you're looking for something like

    Function actionEdit()
    $parent parent::actionEdit();
    $viewParams $parent->params;
    $viewParams['Owen'] = "test";
    $this->responseView (''''$viewParams);
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  7. rellek

    rellek Well-Known Member

    Yeah, this looks good. Thanks. Not on the computer too atm, but will try once I come back :)
  8. Daniel Hood

    Daniel Hood Well-Known Member

    Ok. ->params may be the wrong name. I'll check if I beat you back to a computer.

    [update] just checked. The code I gave you should work
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2013
  9. rellek

    rellek Well-Known Member

    Thanks, this works great. (y)

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