ExpressionEngine Forum 2.1 Import - Contractor needed

Hi... I see there is no importer for ExpressionEngine Forum 2.1. AND, they don't have an exporter to get me into a compatible format. We have a private forum with 14,000 posts in 1650 topics. Are you aware of a developer that does this kind of custom import work? I'm open to being contacted by someone on this at If we can get an import done at reasonable cost, we can switch over to xenForo, which would be AWESOME.

Thanks! Rick


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I did, as you see in my sig, over a million posts from EE 1.x

I have to assume that the forum part didn't change too much.....until very recently. That is, 2.x in EE had very few changes to the actual db, more to the code (which should not matter).

Jake carefully notated the process so you likely won't have to repeat our mistakes.

Please pay him a lot - reasonable cost......and PM him here on XF.

Note - he's often very busy, so it's best if you are not on "I have to do this today" type of sched. That makes for poor planning anyway, so have a goal in mind as to when you need it done properly!

Jake Bunce

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Craig's was a different version of EE, but if the schema is similar then it shouldn't be hard to modify the existing importer that I have setup.

I can do the import for you. That includes user passwords and redirects. If you send me a PM with all of the details then I can give you a quote. I need to know the number of posts, users, attachments, and the total size of everything.

Jake Bunce

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Jake carefully notated the process so you likely won't have to repeat our mistakes.
Yeah there were several problems we encountered. The EE schema has some oddities such as storing the first post of a thread in the thread record. Then all relations back to a specific post can provide either a postid or a threadid. Extra consideration was required to preserve associations without confusing postids and threadids.
For anyone looking for a similar import, Jake Bunce far exceeded our hopes for a successful import. It's looking clean and sharp, he was a pleasure to work with, and he even got a redirection working so all the old forum links redirect to the new imported messages. YES!

I've been dreading dealing with member blowback from either lost messages or broken links or lost attachments or... you know, the stuff that USUALLY happens when you switch a forum that has been going for years to a brand new platform. With Jake's help, now my paying members can simple be EXCITED to be using Xenforo. And his fee was very reasonable.

Thanks again, Jake!