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Hello people,

I currently host a xenforo forum with about 340sers, me and a friend are going to fuse our forums together, and start fresh. But and we don't want that our users have to re-register.
So I was wondering if there is a way to export users, And then only profile related info, like: User ID, Username, email, Gender, Language,Timezones, UDer group ID, Secondary groups, Avatar, profile settings, custom title, etc etc. But not the things as in amount of posts, trophy points Basically the xf_user Table but without a few collums. Does anyone know if there is an addon or anyone willing to write a little query with me to export our user?

Then I need to import the users into a new database. Only thing that needs to be done is place all imported uses in the default usergorup (don't know the ID right now) and the user ID counts need to be 340+ current ID

I know I Will need xf_user_authenticate for the password. For importing this would also be 340+current id.

Thanks in advance!

Chris D

XenForo developer
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You just need to decide which forum you're going to export from and which one you are going to import to, first. I guess whichever server you are keeping which currently hosts one of the forums will be the one you import into.

Roughly you would:
  • Close the other forum
  • Move the content, files, database over to the server which currently hosts the forum you're importing into
  • Go to Admin CP > Tools > Import External Data
  • Select XenForo from the list and follow the on-screen prompts
That's it. If the forum you are exporting isn't very big then it shouldn't take too long.

Chris D

XenForo developer
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You can see a screenshot of the process here:


You just run through each of these steps in sequence. You can omit certain steps if you don't need them, though of course some steps require some of the others to be run before you run them

At minimum you'll need user groups, users, forums, threads and posts, but you might be able to skip the rest.