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AndyB submitted a new resource:

Export thread - Allows exporting contents of a thread.

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Allows exporting contents of a thread.

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Hi Andy,

I am mildly confused. How does this work? Does this use webpagetopdf.com via like parameters?


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To export a thread (from forum a) and import it (to forum b) would be also a wonderful addon.
It should export also all posts and maybe all all users connected to this thread to decide if they are needed.

I have installed addons (change date/user) and with deletion of one post i have deleted the whole thread unfortunately.
Because the forum is existing on two servers it would be nice to export thread 1234 and import it somewhere else.

Just as an idea - now i try it with the manual way with phpmyadmin and dont like it. :)


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More or less you need to change

select title from thread, posts with thread_id

to something like

select title from conv, conv_posts with conv_id

Should be no big story to do this.

Also my export / import was done in 2 minutes.
can you export mutiple threads at once? i have thousands of threads that i want to export to a pdf or csv then delete from database