XF 2.2 Export Forum Nodes


I have a likely uncommon use case. I would like to export my forum structure (nodes) and permissions as I'm moving my forum from one domain to another. But I do not want to keep the forum posts themselves. I want a blank slate but with my forum structure/permissions intact. I want to re-install Xenforo fresh on the new domain and then just bring over the forum structure without posts.

Is there any easy way to accomplish this?
I would do it this way:

Copy folder/files and database to new domain

From the new domain

  • Delete all threads from all forums using batch update. (I believe that also delete all attachments)
  • Delete all users.

Then delete the old files/folders/databse - unless you are keeping it in which case buy another licence for the new domain

This way the forums nodes themselves are kept and so are the usergroups and permissions.
And of course, just make sure that you have a backup of the original site before you do this so you can restore it if anything goes south. If you're running the two sites off the same physical server, then you have to be extra careful not to nuke the wrong thing, lol.

Been meaning for the longest time to clone my site onto my local PC and then take a hatchet to it with mass deletions as I'm curious to see how the system behaves. I'd start with my admin account first, as that has by far the most posts lol. I'd have to use another admin account to do it, of course.
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